Ancient History

From the glory of Greece to the wonders of ancient China, from Roman grandeur to Persian spendour, some of the world’s most mesmirising historical sites have endured for centuries to stand tall today.

This category is dedicated to these fascinating places which have stood the test of time, often enduring through natural disaster, devastating conflicts and the relentless erosion of the ages. For those who love ancient history, this is the category for you.

To enter the Ancient History category, you simply have to capture sensational shots of ancient places. Crucially, to qualify for this category the subject location must must primarily be pre-500AD. So whether you’re wandering Hadrian’s Wall or passing the Pyramids, this is the category for you.

Enter your images of the world’s ancient wonders now and share your shots of these true timeless treasures.

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All photographs must be submitted in high resolution JPEGs, with a minimum of 300 dpi resolution and 1200x1200px. No photograph uploaded may be larger than 15 MB.

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