The Church St Kilda, Scotland

The St Kildan Church is located on the Isle of Hirta in Scotland. Building started in 1826 following designer Robert Stevenson’s instructions and by the late 1800’s a school room was added on to the North Western side of the building. During the earlier part of the First World War the Royal Navy placed a communication tower on the island to keep in contact with the mainland. During the early morning of May 15, 1918 a German U-Boat started to shell the island. The communication tower was destroyed and the Church’s South Eastern wall took damage. There was no loss of life during the attack except for a single sheep.

After the evacuation in 1930, the church and school were neglected for a period of time until the National Trust of Scotland came into control of St Kilda in late 1950s. It took about 20 years for the church to be renovated and was finally completed in the early 1980s.